Dear Friends,

The Federalist Party of America finds itself busier than ever as the spring of 2019 hints of an early approach.

Our concern about the nation’s fiscal and cultural health remains grave, and we are redoubling our efforts to establish meaningful alliances and strategic partnerships to spread our message of originalist, jurisdictional government throughout the country.

Our federal debt — not counting unfunded mandates – just reached the $22 trillion threshold, a figure beyond the comprehension of even the most fiscally attuned Americans.

Neither major party is even discussing debt reduction, and the party of ostensible fiscal responsibility, the Republican Party, added another trillion dollars to our childrens’ ledger this year. Unconscionable doesn’t begin to describe the recklessness.

At the same time, Democratic Party candidates for President are competing to signal who would spend more in the White House faster. “Free” is the operative word in each of their proposals, so cling tight to your wallets.

The FPA is engaged in high-level talks with others around America looking at the 2020 election cycle. We are asking what all are asking: Does it make sense to back a third-party party candidate for President; would such a run be viable or potentially harmful?, and who might that candidate be?

We are also analyzing key congressional districts to determine if it would make sense to field House candidates next year under our banner.

We ask that you stay tuned on both of these discussions, and welcome your feedback as always.

Please know that we remain forever grateful for your loyalty to this great American cause. Your dedication and friendship reminds us to toil just a little bit longer each day in our mission to return our beloved country to the pre-established track that, we dare say, made it great in the first place.

Together we can get there.

With stubborness, best wishes, and eternal optimism,