What is The Federalist Party of America?

The Federalist Party of America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening American communities by restoring the balance and limits of government[s]. It believes that the best government is the government closest to the people. It advocates that solutions to our common challenges be sought at the lowest levels of government possible.

The Federalist Party of America educates and organizes American citizens around the country’s original governing principles in an effort to chart a clear, prosperous, and sustainable course forward for American families and the nation as a whole.


Who is the Federalist Party of America?

The Federalist Party was created by everyday Americans who have grown frustrated by Washington’s failures and disillusioned with the Republican and Democratic parties.


What does the Federalist Party of America stand for?

Strengthening American communities by re-embracing the government framework laid out in The Constitution of the United States of America.

That, plus congressional term limits.


Why the Constitution?

The genius of our nation’s founders lay in their understanding of human nature. They recognized that anyone placed in a position of power will invariably seek to maintain and extend their allotted powers for their own self interest. Such is the ineluctable frailty of mankind.

The Constitution is constructed to protect Americans from the creeping government intrusion into our lives at the federal level that our forefathers feared. It does that by mandating three equal, competing, and self-balancing branches of government — the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial — and by delineating the powers and limitations of federal authority, as most expressly spelled out in The Bill of Rights.

But true to form, as the founders feared, human nature chipped away over time at the Constitution’s intended restraints, burdening us today with a vastly overreaching federal bureaucracy that improperly subverts local, state, and individual decision making processes. The cost of this ever-expanding state now threatens the general welfare of current and future generations of Americans.


Why Term Limits?

Despite their remarkable foresight, our nation’s founders never envisioned the career politician. Electoral careerism, aided by a handful of poor court decisions, altered the course on which our nation was painstakingly set into motion.

Political power in Congress is today accrued by length of time in office, not by intellectual or individual virtue. Senators and congressman must perpetually seek re-election in order to yield more influence, causing them to constantly curry favor with both donors and voters to gain electoral advantage.

The result is today’s convoluted tax and legal code that has been carefully crafted to favor, or not offend, established business and political interests (over less established ones) and a never-ending stream of federal pork barrel programs and dollars pouring into areas of our lives over which the federal government was never intended to be involved. These federal “giveaways,” wrapped in stifling red tape imposed by unelected Washington bureaucrats, have become the currency with which members of congress get re-elected.

It should be clear to every American by now — Republican, Democrat, or independent — that the size and scope of our federal government will never be diminished without congressional term limits.


Can I be a registered Republican, Democrat, or independent and also be a member of the Federalist Party of America?

Yes. Anyone can join the Federalist Party of America — you don’t even have to be 18.

Joining the Federalist Party of America does not alter your current political party registration. What it does is put the Democratic and Republican parties on notice that its members have grown disillusioned with their performances.


What is the Federalist Party of America platform?

Restoring restrictions on the federal government that were intended by our nation’s founders and delineated in the U.S. Constitution. The Federalist Party of America believes that the common welfare of the American people is harmed by continuing federal overreach.

Term limits for members of Congress.


What about other issues?

Federalist Party of America members may strongly disagree with one another on matters involving state and local governments. Some may want more local government spending or regulation; others may want less.

What all Federalist Party of America members agree upon is that local matters, as delineated by the Constitution, should be addressed locally — nearest the people they affect. That is the glue that binds us.

Federalist Party of America members may likewise disfavor individual components of the U.S. Constitution, but all must agree that Constitution stands as written until amended. Those wishing to make amendments may pursue them in the manner outlined by the Constitution itself.


What is the timeline for organizing in my state?

First things first. The Federalist Party of America seeks to grow its membership into a sustainable force before pursuing further endeavors in districts and states across America.

History is littered with short-lived movements that sought to grow too quickly.

The Federalist Party of America strives to move forward humbly, patiently, and realistically.


Why was the hawk chosen as the symbol of the Federalist Party of America?

Because Americans need to restrain government with the vigilance of a hawk.


How do I get involved with the Federalist Party of America?

Congratulations! By visiting this site, you are already involved. But there’s much more you can do.

  1. LIKE US on Facebook, and FOLLOW US on Twitter.

  2. Share our communications with your family and friends on social media.

  3. Start a delegation or host a Federalist Party of America meeting. HERE’S HOW.

  4. Volunteer in any way in your community


  6. Get insider information by texting FEDPARTY to 53445.


  8. DONATE ($100 maximum per year.)


What is a Federalist Party of America meeting and how do I find one?

Federalist Party of America meetings are the bedrock of our movement. Educating our friends, family members, and neighbors about the principles of American federalism as delineated in the U.S. Constitution is the most important thing each of us can do to save America from itself.

Federalist Party of America members across America are asked to self-organize regularly scheduled meetings within their communities, however large or small, to share the wisdom of our nation’s founders with others. These can be held in homes, libraries, or the back of coffee shops — anywhere people can gather in a quiet atmosphere.

Federalist Party™ meetings consist of two parts: Reading sections of three primary source documents aloud: The Constitution of the United States of America; The Federalist Papers, and the so-called Anti-Federalist Papers, followed by discussion of how material might apply to issues before our communities today. Federalist members are also encouraged to volunteer within their local communities in whatever way they see fit.

The Federalist Party of America is a bottom-up, rather than top-down, organization. It places its full faith in the wisdom of our nation’s founders and in the general wisdom of the American people at the local level.


Minimally. Large donations to the Federalist Party are not permitted. The Federalist Party of America — all too aware of how large donations have compromised the integrity of our two major political parties — limits the amount of money it accepts from individuals or businesses in any one calendar year to $100.

That said, we do have expenses and are grateful for whatever you can do to chip into our cause today, ranging from $1 to $100.
You can make a donation online here.


Does the Federalist Party of America Want to Get Rid of the Federal Government?

Not at all. The Federal government is necessary to provide essential safeguards things that cannot be provided locally or by our states. Powers granted to the federal government are delineated in the Constitution.