FPA Today

Local is Better

Today marks the one year anniversary of our organization’s founding and we’d like to share some of the accomplishments and thank you for the interest you have expressed in our efforts. 

We have recruited a full slate of board of directors and sponsored For Immediate Release, a weekly podcast, on klrnradio.com. We’ve also entered into several meaningful memorandums of understanding to work with other groups and individuals on issues we believe will reset the balance of power in America. We plan to continue publishing a newsletter regularly with content produced from those relationships.

We’d ask you to share our website with anyone you think might be supportive of our efforts as we move ahead in 2019,  promoting the devolution of governmental jurisdiction downward on as many issues as possible.

We continue to strive for more democracy at local levels and more representation at the federal level. In the pursuit of a more perfect union: Local is better.

Chairman’s Note: Winter ’19

Dear Friends,

The Federalist Party of America finds itself busier than ever as the spring of 2019 hints of an early approach.

Our concern about the nation’s fiscal and cultural health remains grave, and we are redoubling our efforts to establish meaningful alliances and strategic partnerships to spread our message of originalist, jurisdictional government throughout the country.

Our federal debt — not counting unfunded mandates – just reached the $22 trillion threshold, a figure beyond the comprehension of even the most fiscally attuned Americans.

Neither major party is even discussing debt reduction, and the party of ostensible fiscal responsibility, the Republican Party, added another trillion dollars to our childrens’ ledger this year. Unconscionable doesn’t begin to describe the recklessness.

At the same time, Democratic Party candidates for President are competing to signal who would spend more in the White House faster. “Free” is the operative word in each of their proposals, so cling tight to your wallets.

The FPA is engaged in high-level talks with others around America looking at the 2020 election cycle. We are asking what all are asking: Does it make sense to back a third-party party candidate for President; would such a run be viable or potentially harmful?, and who might that candidate be?

We are also analyzing key congressional districts to determine if it would make sense to field House candidates next year under our banner.

We ask that you stay tuned on both of these discussions, and welcome your feedback as always.

Please know that we remain forever grateful for your loyalty to this great American cause. Your dedication and friendship reminds us to toil just a little bit longer each day in our mission to return our beloved country to the pre-established track that, we dare say, made it great in the first place.

Together we can get there.

With stubborness, best wishes, and eternal optimism,



By: Shane T. Hazel, Policy Advisor

When I was a young boy one of my favorite shows was COPS. “Bad boys bad boys, What’cha gonna do when they come for you?” Since then there has been an explosion of Law Enforcement programming, and it’s not by coincidence.

The United States of America with 5% of the world’s population has the largest prison population on earth. That’s right, we lead the world in incarceration. How could that be in the “Land of the Free”?! Programming.

We The People, are absolutely inundated, indoctrinated and programmed by the State at every turn before we can even speak. Lets focus on the programming, today.

Let me first say, Sheriff’s, Deputies, Police and Agents who I know a lot of, are not mean spirited people. In fact I think most of them think they are protecting Americans. Unfortunately the indoctrination and misinformation from the State and the programming they receive while growing up feed directly in to our current paradigm of mass incarceration.

On any of these reality Law Enforcement programs when is the last time officers busted anyone with the real means to defend themselves? Or that actually knew their Natural Inalienable Rights or the Constitution? Someone in the Government? Another Law Enforcement Officer? No, what you see most of the time are Officers arresting people for possession of “drugs” or some other obscure victim-less “crime”.

To paraphrase James Madison in Federalist paper No 62. “It will poison the blessing of liberty if laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.” I don’t think the greatest minds in “law” today could successfully argue that we have too few laws. Moreover, I will add that we have so many laws that we have all been made criminals, and that is where I believe we begin real criminal justice reform.

Crimes need to be simple, easy to understand and most importantly, crime requires a victim before “Law Enforcement Officers” begin the process of bringing the criminal to justice. If there isn’t a victim then a crime has not been committed. If a “law” can not be boiled down to Murder, Assault, Rape, Kidnapping, Coercion, or Property Damage then more than likely it’s a revenue generating scheme for the ever growing State that preys on our fears while usurping or completely destroying our Inalienable Natural Rights and worst of all the State will tell us it’s for our “Safety”.

“You hate COPS Shane!” I assure you I don’t. I hate tyrannical governments. These ideas, and these principles pave the way to make officers and citizens safer as it strictly limits, transforms and naturally de-escalates our everyday interactions. And at the end of the day, I want everyone to return home safely to their loved ones where they belong including Cops.

Cops, your original mission was to be “the thin blue line” between the people and our government, in that you were commissioned to protect our Inalienable Natural Rights, not use force against us for exercising those rights. And per the 9th Amendment we are secured all rights not listed in the Bill of Rights. We have the right to; trade, run business, travel, bear arms, speak, worship, redress our government without permits or licenses, without ‘buts’ or asterisks as long as it hurts no other person or property. “Laws” that restrict our Natural Rights to protect us from exercising our Natural Right are repugnant, and as you swore an Oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States per art 6 sec 3 of Constitution you are duty bound to push back against everyone in the State that would have you violate that Oath.

Simplicity is the genius of design. The natural principles of Peace, Free Markets and Individual Liberty are simple and they’re making the same come back they have throughout history when tyrannical States go too far in the persecution of their own people. Turn off the tyrannical programming and lets re-boot the classics like Madison, Locke, Batiste and Hazlitt.

If we want to be Free men and women, then we must act as free men and women act, and that starts with nature’s timeless undeniable principles.

Time To De-escalate

In today’s political climate, we can no longer hold out hope for long-term, viable solutions to the ever-worsening calamities we face as a nation. The left bellowing“you suck” and the right’s “you suck more” finger-wagging have never really been all that entertaining or convincing; even at times when the foreseeable consequences to the American way-of-life were much less severe.

We all recognize that the language employed on both sides has grown predictable, unpersuasive, uninspiring and perhaps worst of all, tiresome. The so-called ‘solutions’ championed by today’s ruling class are not merely flawed, but intellectually dishonest and driven by an immoral desire to (at minimum) maintain either ‘Team D’ or ‘Team Rs’ powerful grip using laws that greatly impact our daily lives.

The architects of this republic intentionally enumerated a majority of government functions — in particular, the protection of individual liberties — to extend far-beyond Federal concern. And for good reason. A country such as the United States of America — with roughly 320 million human lives, sprawled-out over 3,800,000 sq miles, cannot effectively or efficiently serve the needs of residents living in both Alaska and Hawaii alike. Furthermore, when it comes to social issues, the top-down national policing solutions ultimately prove ill-conceived, unaccountable, less-affordable, and constitutionally pervasive.

An anonymous social media account recently stated the following in a discussion about healthcare, education and welfare: “federal management of these issues is a recipe for conflict, 320 million people can’t agree on much.”

Bingo. But isn’t that precisely what federalism is all about?

It’s time to de-escalate. Long before we start trying to ram a ‘one-size-fits-all solution’ down the throats of an (almost) evenly-divided country, Americans need to first hit the reset button and start building a consensus regarding where these decisions should be made. Let’s start talking now about returning the reigns back to the states, municipalities and communities where the common citizen has the most power to effect change, and where can agree upon as many issues as possible.

This will, in-turn, allow space for a national discussion and afford us the opportunity to re-focus on the specific matters for which the Federal Government was created in the first place — such as common defense, foreign policy, border security, coining national currency and working to safeguard said currency’s value from any form of manipulation.

Surely we’ll still find plenty to scream at each other about on those long-debated, heated issues. Even so, this country’s future instantly becomes much less grim if, collectively, we can re-institute that now-fleeting glimmer of hope for actual solutions and reasonable policy decisions.

Goldman Sachs: U.S. Debt Reaching ‘Unchartered Territory’

No one questions that Goldman Sachs — the bankers everyone loves to hate — knows its math. So when Goldman issued a warning this morning about runaway federal debt entering “uncharted territory,” we should all take time to listen, even if we hate ‘em.  

Doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat, federal debt is going to eat our children alive. If the U.S. government were honest and appraised itself like private companies do, we’d know that every American household now owes about $670,000 in debt. That’s their share of this growing mess. Check again tomorrow; the number will be higher.

Anyone here think running up unpayable bills on our childrens’ credit cards is a good idea? Anyone?

And yet it continues. God help us.


The National Will for Congressional Term Limits is There

Did you know that 36 states already have term limits for governors? Did you also know that an Article V Convention of States can be called if two thirds of the states demand one?

Check the math. It works. Just 34 states are needed to force a national referendum on congressional term limits. The will is already there. Any proposed amendment would then have to be approved by three-fourths of the states — 38 of them — which is less daunting than it sounds when you consider that federal term limits are favored by about three-quarters of Americans, according to the most recent Gallup and Rasmussen polling on the issue.

If you want to get a sense of how popular term limits are, ask anyone running for congress or senate for his or her position on the issue. In state after state, they’re signing term limit pledges.

But will they do anything about it?

The GOP Says It’s for Term Limits. Really?

America’s founders included some of history’s greatest students of human nature. They worked tirelessly to erect enduring restraints on federal power, knowing full well that a centralized government in Washington would grow out of control if left unchecked.

But there was one thing our founders never imagined: The career politician. Once in, he or she will give away anything to remain in power — no matter the cost.

The Republican Party claims to be in favor of term limits. It’s right here in its platform.

But does anyone really expect the GOP to follow through? We don’t.

The key to changing Washington is changing the people we send there. That begins and ends with term limits. Without them, we know what we’re going to get: More of the same.

That we can’t afford. Literally.

A Word for Our Nation’s Leaders: Unacceptable

The drama out of Washington is growing stale.

Americans will know later today whether their federal government will shut down — again. Does anyone else find that more than a little embarrassing?

Kazakhstan, Kiribati, and Djibouti managed to pass on-time budgets this year. But not The United States of America, that shining city on a hill.

Put simply, Washington’s inaction is unacceptable, a word our nation’s leaders forgot. We elect them to perform a single task — pass a budget — and yet year after year they can’t, don’t, or won’t do it. We now live in a land of 30-day “continuing resolutions.”

It’s all very complicated, Republicans and Democrats say.

We’re sure it is. Because they made it that way. When a federal bureaucracy grows to a size so unmanageable — so unstainable — there are simply too many interests at stake to run a effective government. The politics becomes more important than the substance. It becomes, yes, complicated.

We have an idea. Shut the government down — other than “essential services” — and then stop right there. We will have identified exactly what Washington needs to be. Then send whatever money is left over back to the states. They’ll figure out how to meet any unattended needs.

Could there be anything less complicated than that?

Something’s Got to Give

It stinks being a Democrat these days, almost as much as it does being a Republican.

That’s not speculation — it’s Gallup, the respected American polling company that pays constant attention to these type of things.

Just before the New Year, Gallup asked us how we politically self identify. Almost half of us (46%) call ourselves independents. Twenty-seven percent (27%) say we’re Democrats, and just a quarter of us (25%) self identify as Republicans.

If Gallup had asked a follow-up: “How much did it hurt answering that question?” it might have discovered a singularly unifying theme: Americans — left, right, and center — are profoundly dissatisfied with their current options. We feel duped.

When you dig deeper into various polling data you’ll find an even more disconcerting dynamic. Many of us still self-identifying with a major party mostly do so because we hate or fear the other one so much. It’s more about what we’re against than what we’re for.

That feels about right to anyone who’s ever spent 30 minutes on Twitter. We’ve become a nation of Hatfields and McCoys. Results are immaterial; it’s all about the fight. Half the time we can’t remember why we’re feuding.

Meanwhile, the crops go unattended and the bills pile up — while the eyes of the nation stay fixed on the fighting.

It’s the last great sleight of hand of America’s major parties.