By: Shane T. Hazel, Policy Advisor

When I was a young boy one of my favorite shows was COPS. “Bad boys bad boys, What’cha gonna do when they come for you?” Since then there has been an explosion of Law Enforcement programming, and it’s not by coincidence.

The United States of America with 5% of the world’s population has the largest prison population on earth. That’s right, we lead the world in incarceration. How could that be in the “Land of the Free”?! Programming.

We The People, are absolutely inundated, indoctrinated and programmed by the State at every turn before we can even speak. Lets focus on the programming, today.

Let me first say, Sheriff’s, Deputies, Police and Agents who I know a lot of, are not mean spirited people. In fact I think most of them think they are protecting Americans. Unfortunately the indoctrination and misinformation from the State and the programming they receive while growing up feed directly in to our current paradigm of mass incarceration.

On any of these reality Law Enforcement programs when is the last time officers busted anyone with the real means to defend themselves? Or that actually knew their Natural Inalienable Rights or the Constitution? Someone in the Government? Another Law Enforcement Officer? No, what you see most of the time are Officers arresting people for possession of “drugs” or some other obscure victim-less “crime”.

To paraphrase James Madison in Federalist paper No 62. “It will poison the blessing of liberty if laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.” I don’t think the greatest minds in “law” today could successfully argue that we have too few laws. Moreover, I will add that we have so many laws that we have all been made criminals, and that is where I believe we begin real criminal justice reform.

Crimes need to be simple, easy to understand and most importantly, crime requires a victim before “Law Enforcement Officers” begin the process of bringing the criminal to justice. If there isn’t a victim then a crime has not been committed. If a “law” can not be boiled down to Murder, Assault, Rape, Kidnapping, Coercion, or Property Damage then more than likely it’s a revenue generating scheme for the ever growing State that preys on our fears while usurping or completely destroying our Inalienable Natural Rights and worst of all the State will tell us it’s for our “Safety”.

“You hate COPS Shane!” I assure you I don’t. I hate tyrannical governments. These ideas, and these principles pave the way to make officers and citizens safer as it strictly limits, transforms and naturally de-escalates our everyday interactions. And at the end of the day, I want everyone to return home safely to their loved ones where they belong including Cops.

Cops, your original mission was to be “the thin blue line” between the people and our government, in that you were commissioned to protect our Inalienable Natural Rights, not use force against us for exercising those rights. And per the 9th Amendment we are secured all rights not listed in the Bill of Rights. We have the right to; trade, run business, travel, bear arms, speak, worship, redress our government without permits or licenses, without ‘buts’ or asterisks as long as it hurts no other person or property. “Laws” that restrict our Natural Rights to protect us from exercising our Natural Right are repugnant, and as you swore an Oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States per art 6 sec 3 of Constitution you are duty bound to push back against everyone in the State that would have you violate that Oath.

Simplicity is the genius of design. The natural principles of Peace, Free Markets and Individual Liberty are simple and they’re making the same come back they have throughout history when tyrannical States go too far in the persecution of their own people. Turn off the tyrannical programming and lets re-boot the classics like Madison, Locke, Batiste and Hazlitt.

If we want to be Free men and women, then we must act as free men and women act, and that starts with nature’s timeless undeniable principles.